Forces TV

Everything You Need To Know About Forces TV's Move To Freeview

What equipment do I need? Do I need to re-tune? What is the cost? All your questions answered about Forces TV on Freeview Channel 96.

Forces TV has launched on Freeview channel 96, and is available to 76% of the UK population in most major cities and towns. 

To receive Forces TV you will need to be within coverage and be watching on a Freeview HD television or Freeview HD recorder.   

Most new TVs come with Freeview HD built-in, or you can simply plug a Freeview HD recorder into an existing HDTV and retune your box or TV.


Can I get Forces TV on Freeview where I live?

Enter your address into Freeview’s coverage checker to see if Forces TV is available in your area, but please be aware that it is a prediction based on an area 100 square metres around your address.

There might be some homes in that area which cannot receive Freeview, because of the exact location of the property and other elements of local geography, such as tall buildings, trees or hills.

When you buy a Freeview HD TV or other equipment, we recommend that you make sure that you can get a refund from your retailer if these local factors prevent you from receiving Freeview.

A Team for Forces TV Freeview launch

What equipment do I need?

Check if your television is labelled ‘Freeview HD’.  

If not, then you can buy a Freeview HD or Freeview Play Recorder (set top box).  Freeview has a list of models available here:

You will also be able to receive the channel if you have YouView (channel 96). If it does not appear, try retuning your YouView box.

Do I need to retune?

Some televisions do not autotune. 

If you are within coverage and the channel does not appear we recommend you try retuning your television or set top box.

FTV launching on Freeview

Will I need to change my aerial to get Freeview HD?

In most cases if you can already receive Freeview using your existing aerial, then it will be able to receive Freeview HD.  

If you’re not sure, then your local aerial installer will be able to advise you. 


What is the cost of Freeview?

Freeview has no monthly cost and no subscription fees. If you have bought a TV or set top box since 2010, Freeview is built in already.

Airwolf features in the Freeview FTV schedule

How can I get more help? The Freeview Advice Line

Use our simple step-by-step guide here, or if you have any further questions you may find the answer on the Freeview Website.

Alternatively, you can call the Freeview advice line on 03456 505050.