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Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston's Airwolf Debut Won Him More Than Just An Acting Role

Before Breaking Bad, Godzilla and Malcolm in the Middle, the star debuted in Airwolf and got more than just a career out of it ...

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston was not always a household name.

The multi award-winning actor and star of the American neo-western crime drama television, who has also starred in Malcolm in the Middle and Seinfeld, has shown his tough side as the hit show's Walter White but viewers might not know about one of his earlier breakout roles.

While the star also had a minimal role in the 2015 film Godzilla, one his earlier TV roles included a stint on the hit action series Airwolf - now showing on Forces TV.

Despite now calling the show "goofy and silly", Cranston actually met his wife Robin Dearden on the set while filming the episode Desperate Monday.

"The helicopter has to be involved all the time, in every climax. Well how do you do that!?" - Bryan Cranston

The episode revolves around Caitlin's sorority reunion. Things go very wrong when a kidnapping is attempted and is bungling, forcing Bryan Cranston to hold the entire party hostage. After holding his future wife at gunpoint, the two end up marrying.

Viewers can watch the episode to work out how Bryan turned a hostage situation into true love with a helicopter, but his acting skills were clearly fully developed long before he became a star.