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The Absurd Arsenal: The A-Team's Best Weapons

From collecting plastic bags to escaping a prison, to adapting a hearse to infiltrate a cemetery, we recap some of our favourite A-Team...

Face & Hannibal Talk

With The A-Team starting on Monday at 10 Forces TV, we thought we'd find some of the show's maddest moments as the fictional ex-special forces unit create military-grade madcap gadgets and machines.

We've come up with a list of our favourite insane inventions from the show. If you thought saving the soda factory with the soda cannon jammed in a HGV was their peak, you haven’t been paying attention.


The Cabbage Launcher – Season 2 Episode 8 – Labour Pains

The A-Team become union organisers to demand better pay and conditions from the most stereotypical evil capitalist you can imagine. They steal his symbolic pig, convert a woodchipper into a vegetable cannon and defeat his heavily armed goons with cabbages.


Balloon Chairs – Season 1 Episode 4 – Pros and Cons

The team try and rescue B.A.’s friend from prison. After a family friendly ring fight and other prison shenanigans they attempt to escape. 

We may have spoken before about how The A-Team feel about flight before but this has to be the strangest way they’ve ever flown off.


A Fully Functioning Tunneler - Season 3 Episode 10 - The Sheriffs of Rivertown

Now we're not saying it's impossible to construct a boring machine from scraps found in a workshop, but either the nation needs more blokes in sheds or we'll have a vast underground network of train tunnels appearing all across the UK soon.


An Entire Train - Season 3 Episode 1 - Bullets and Bikinis

So maybe it's not the most ambitious construction ever, but the pay off is brilliant. With some generous soundscaping in the edit and some top notch acting, this nice wink to The A-Team's pacifist nature always makes us smile.


The Hearse-Tower-Thing - Season 2 Episode 19 - Chopping Spree

As Hannibal says, we need stealth and subtlety to get into the cemetery. Which is why having a foldable tower coming out the top of the most inconspicuous of vehicles, a hearse, makes perfect sense.

Let us know if we've missed your favourite A-Team invention, there are certainly dozens more we could have picked.

The A-Team are returning soon to Forces TV.