Tom Cruise's admiration for real air force pilots as actor arrives at Top Gun premiere

Film star Tom Cruise says he admires the work done by pilots, when he spoke to Forces News at the premiere of his new film.

"I really admire what they do," the Top Gun star said before the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick on Thursday night.

"When I was a little kid, I wanted to make movies. I wanted to fly airplanes, I wanted to go parachuting, create stories and characters, and travel the world," he added.

The actor added that it is "a real gift" to be able to be part of "a world of other people's lives".

At the red carpet event in Leicester Square, Mr Cruise also said: "It's just an honour to be here."

During the evening, he also met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who had front-row seats to watch the film.