Jake Gyllenhaal JARHEAD

Jake Gyllenhaal and Guy Ritchie movie about Afghan interpreter to begin filming

Jake Gyllenhaal JARHEAD

One of Hollywood's biggest stars is set to appear in a new film set in Afghanistan.

The unnamed project, directed by Brit filmmaker Guy Ritchie, will deal with the contemporaneous subject of Afghan interpreters left behind in the country following the US/UK military withdrawal last year.

In 2021, a resurgent Taliban took charge in Afghanistan after provinces fell one by one, culminating in Kabul's capture by the group on 15 August.

International militaries, including members of the Armed Forces, scrambled to get diplomatic staff and those entitled to resettlement abroad out, with many left behind.

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal will star in the new film directed by Guy Ritchie. Picture: Alamy.

The new film will be a return to military themes for Jake Gyllenhaal, who, in 2005, starred in Jarhead, a Sam Mendes picture set in the Gulf War.

Focusing on the issue of the interpreters left behind, the film looks set to cause a continuation in the discussion of the terrible dilemma many now face as the Taliban settle back into power. 

Few details about the film have been released. However, it is known Gyllenhaal will play Sgt. John McKinley, who's on his final tour in Afghanistan when tragically all his colleagues are killed while on patrol. He is left with Ahmed, an interpreter, who carries the injured American to safety, saving his life in the process. The story then moves forward to the chaotic days of the Kabul evacuation. Ahmed is left behind and faces the prospect of a gruesome death at the hands of his former enemies. But McKinley has other ideas, returning to the country privately to rescue his friend. 

The production begins filming later this week in Spain, and rumours are the film will be released in cinemas and on Amazon Prime early next year. 

Cover image: Alamy.

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