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Op Pitting Afghan evacuation to be turned into Hollywood film

Tom Hardy Alamy

A major Hollywood studio has announced plans for a film recounting the dramatic events of the US and UK's withdrawal from Afghanistan earlier this year.

British actor Tom Hardy will star alongside Magic Mike performer Channing Tatum in the yet-untitled movie from Universal Studios.

In August, the Afghan government capitulated, allowing the Taliban to regain control of the country, culminating in a multi-national military operation to save British and American nationals and Afghan civilians. 


Crowd during Operation Pitting which will see the military aid the evacuation of former British staff eligible for relocation20210822 CREDIT MOD_
Crowds during Operation Pitting which saw the military aid the evacuation of former British staff eligible for relocation (Picture: MOD).

The British mission was named Op Pitting and included servicemen and women from across the Armed Forces operating on the ground at the airport and in the air flying evacuees to safety.

According to reports, Hardy and Tatum will star as former special ops soldiers who have returned to Afghanistan to aid the evacuation mission.

The movie, penned by The Bourne Ultimatum screenwriter George Nolfi, is forecast to be a "ripped from the headlines fact-based drama" by entertainment news site Deadline. 

Hollywood's keenness to turn the true-life events of the Afghan evacuation into a source of entrainment has been met with criticism by some. 

Taking to Twitter, former US Marine James LaPorta said: "Imagine if Michael Bay came along just three months after Pearl Harbor [sic] and said I can't wait to make a movie about some of the worst days of your life."

The now journalist remarked on how a major film about D-Day was not produced until 18 years after the event, highlighting the sensitivities filmmakers have typically been aware of where conflict is concerned.

Tipped as a forerunner in the race to be the next James Bond, Hardy is perhaps best known for his performance Bane in the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises. More recently, he has starred in Marvel's Venom. 

In London, Government officials have faced criticism following claims made by a Whitehall whistle-blower about the organisation behind Op Pitting. 

In evidence published by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday, Raphael Marshall – who worked for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) during the evacuation effort – told how at one point, he was the only person monitoring an inbox where pleas for help were directed.

A Government spokesperson said: "UK Government staff worked tirelessly to evacuate more than 15,000 people from Afghanistan within a fortnight.

"This was the biggest mission of its kind in generations, and the second-largest evacuation carried out by any country. We are still working to help others leave.

"More than 1,000 FCDO staff worked to help British nationals and eligible Afghans leave during Op Pitting."

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