Gallipoli 100: Diary Entries From The Front

As part of our continued Gallipoli 100 coverage, we travel to Taunton to meet the family of Royal Marine, Major General Sir David Mercer. 
During the Battle for Gallipoli the general wrote a diary from the frontline – which until now has only been seen by his proud descendants.
The Gallipoli Campaign of 1915-16 was an ill-fated attempt by the Allied Powers to control the sea route from Europe to Russia during World War I.
The campaign began with a failed naval attack by British and French ships on the Dardanelles Straits in February-March 1915 and continued with a major land invasion of the Gallipoli Peninsula on April 25.
Evacuating guns and personnel from Sulva Point on rafts, December 1915.
Lack of sufficient intelligence and knowledge of the terrain, along with a fierce Turkish resistance, hampered the success of the invasion. 


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