Did You Know That Vinnie Jones Almost Joined The Armed Forces?

The Mean Machine actor's son served in the Household Cavalry

Vinnie Jones is famous for being a tough guy on the football pitch and in films, however, he is not the only man in his family to be seen as a hard man. 

“My Grandad was in the Army and my son, as all my family are big royalists and he wanted to go into the Life Guards.” 

The former professional footballer says that he is proud of the armed forces and that he almost joined up himself.

As reported by The Evening Standard in 2008, Vinnie attempted to join the armed forces at the start of the Falklands War, but his dreams were dashed when it was discovered that the friend he was with had a criminal record.

Speaking to BFBS Radio broadcaster Hal Stewart in 2016, he said: 

"If it was another flip of the coin years ago, I might have served myself, but it wasn’t to be. 

“Very proud of the armed forces and the job they do.” 

Vinnie’s son Aaron served in the Household Cavalry after graduating from Harrogate in 2008 and served for seven years. He now lives in Ireland with his family. 

“It’s quite funny actually, we came past today, and I saw the boys out there, sitting on the horses. 

“My boy used to tell me a few stories about it and it was quite funny to see the lads there.”

The ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ actor strongly believes that joining the armed forces can do a lot of good for young adults, fresh out of education, saying: 

“For me I think young lads at that age should go in the army for the first year after school, or college or something but they should do some armed forces to straighten a few of them out, you know what I mean?” 

The former Wimbledon and Sheffield United defensive midfielder is proud of the armed forces and the job they do. 

Being the father of a veteran, the actor had a message for the troops that hits slightly harder than the average celebrity. This is because he has a greater understanding of what it takes to serve in the armed forces. He said: 

“Just very proud, you know, my son being in the army obviously and I know what job the lads do in the army.” 

This is an edited version of a story first published in 2016.

Cover Image Credit: Shutterstock / s_bukley