Falklands 1982

Falklands: Sheffield comes together to commemorate lost warship

HMS Sheffield sank in 1982 after being hit by an Argentine missile.

The city of Sheffield has come together to mark the 40th anniversary of HMS Sheffield's sinking during the Falklands conflict.

HMS Sheffield was struck by an Argentine missile on 4 May 1982 before sinking six days later on 10 May.

Many of the 368 crew were saved but 20 were killed, with the ship now a protected war grave.

A Sea King hovers off HMS Sheffield's stern during rescue to recover ships company 04051982 CREDIT Navy MOD.jpg
A Sea King hovering off HMS Sheffield's stern during rescue operations to save the crew (Picture: MOD).

A commemorative service and parade took place to remember the ship – Britain's first warship to be lost in action in 37 years and the first of four to be lost during the Falklands conflict.

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Councillor Gail Smith, said as well as losing the city's "prestigious warship, many lives were lost during the conflict in the Falklands and we mustn't forget the sacrifices made by those who fought".

"It is an honour for me to take the salute on behalf of Sheffield, on this very important day of remembrance," she added.

Later this week, a new memorial dedicated to HMS Sheffield is being unveiled.

It is set to celebrate the personnel who served on all three ships named HMS Sheffield, with the memorial acting as a place of remembrance for those who died during the Falklands war.