Tobias Ellwood

Meet The Team: How The Reshuffle Has Affected Defence

Tobias Ellwood

Following the General Election, Theresa May made a series of ministerial appointments as part of a reshuffle.

What's Changed?

Tobias Ellwood (above) has been appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Defence.

Mr Ellwood, who has been working as a Foreign Office minister, was praised for his efforts to try to save PC Keith Palmer after the Westminster terror attack.

The Conservative MP for Bournemouth East gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to the policeman, who was fatally stabbed by Khalid Masood on March 22.

Mike Penning, meanwhile, has been sacked by Theresa May from his position as Armed Forces Minister.

Mike Penning
Mike Penning held onto his seat - but not his position

The British Army veteran held his seat in Hemel Hempstead in last week's general election, with 55% of the vote, but failed to keep hold of his government position.

He has held the seat since 2005 and has been a minister within the Ministry of Defence since 2016.

Mr Penning has been replaced as Armed Forces Minister by Mark Lancaster.

Mark Lancaster

He's has been appointed to the role after previously serving as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State and Minister for Defence Veterans, Reserves and Personnel.

The British Army veteran, who remains a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Engineer Reserve, has seen active service in Kosovo, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

What's Not Changed?

UK defence ministers

Sir Michael Fallon (left), a previous Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, remains Defence Secretary.

The Earl Howe (centre), the son of a Royal Navy commander, retains his position as Minister of State for Defence.

Harriet Baldwin (right), meanwhile, has been kept on as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State and Minister for Defence Procurement.