Ghost Hunting Tour From Inside A ‘Haunted’ Death Row Military Prison

In case you missed it LIVE on Halloween night - watch it here again.

Ghost hunters or just those interested in the history of a former military prison – known as a Glasshouse – are invited to watch our live stream again as we take a Halloween tour of the jail at Shepton Mallet.

Often described as one of the most haunted former military sites in Britain, HMP Shepton Mallet has a reputation for ghostly activity.

Non-believers may be just as entranced by the prison’s eerie atmosphere, and its history as a place of incarceration that had its own execution block.

Shepton Mallet execution room
Shepton Mallet hanging chamber

Prisoners condemned to a death sentence have faced a gruesome end over the prison’s 400-year history, dating back to the 1600s when some inmates were hanged, drawn and quartered, before their heads were placed on spikes, to soldiers convicted of crimes and who faced a firing squad as they lined up against a 75-foot wall in the jail’s grounds.


In case you missed it live on Halloween you can watch it again here or on the BFBS Radio Facebook page.

See if you can spot super natural activity while we take you on a tour of the prison, followed by some experiments in interaction with the spirits such as Table Tipping - a type of seance in which participants sit around a table, place their hands on it, and wait for movements or other signs of ghostly sightings.

If you dare watch until the end, you'll see an area of the prison where otherworldly activity has been reported by many former staff and visitors – so you can make up your own minds if the reputation for hauntings has any grounds or is simply confined to the realms of imagination.

Catch up on our commentary of the spooktacular tour in the live blog below. 

Happy Halloween and good ghost hunting …