Cook Your Christmas Dinner The Army Way

Cook Your Christmas Dinner The Military Way

Cook Your Christmas Dinner The Army Way

Anyone fretting about how to prep their Christmas Dinner or who needs some tips on how to serve up a treat for the family, might want to check out these tips from the military cookhouse.

As families across Britain start getting together the ingredients for their big Christmas meal, military chefs across the world will be preparing turkeys, chopping Brussels sprouts and baking mince pies for many of the 11,000 sailors, soldiers, airmen and Royal Marines deployed on operations overseas over the festive season.

If, however, you are looking for Christmas menu ideas, why not take some tips from the chefs who are well trained in the culinary skills and kitchen discipline to prepare Christmas dinner and all the trimmings for the masses of military personnel at the table.

Here are a few key tips from the Christmas past with a military twist that families at home across the UK might want to incorporate into their festive food preparations.

The Centre Piece

Leading Chef Stevie Stokoe from HMS Raleigh rakes us through how to make that perfect Royal Navy turkey ...


They're not to everyone's taste, but it just wouldn't be Christmas without them, so Corporal Danielle Trunzo from 3 Mobile Catering Squadron at RAF Wittering is here to show us how to get the most out of them!

The Perfect Mince Pie

Private Connor Dugan of 4 SCOTS has the best way to make Santa's favourite ...

What about the leftovers?

We are back with Corporal Danielle Trunzo from 3 Mobile Catering Squadron at RAF Wittering with an excellent idea ...

What are your military Christmas dinner tips?


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