Christmas Messages RAF Coningsby 2019

Christmas Messages Of Love From Armed Forces Around The World

Christmas wishes have been recorded by serving personnel and their families. Do you recognise anyone?

Christmas Messages RAF Coningsby 2019

Christmas Day in the Armed Forces can, for some, be just another day at work so, in an annual tradition to connect military families, serving personnel and children record special festive messages for their loved ones.

The Christmas countdown spent away from loved ones or away from home is a sacrifice that our personnel make every year.

This year, many will be on deployment in places such as Estonia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Poland, Africa, Gibraltar, Belize, the Falkland Islands, Brunei, Canada, Germany and Cyprus.

There will be many others around the UK who are separated from family as they carry out their duties on home soil.

Below are a series of video messages from those serving around the world to their loved ones back home.

Messages from Estonia

Messages from Afghanistan

Messages from the Middle East

Messages from Brunei

Messages from Cyprus

Messages from the Falklands

Messages from Gibraltar

Messages from the UK

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