JJ Chalmers and Prince Harry in 2016

JJ Chalmers: Prince Harry Wishes Veteran Good Luck For Strictly

JJ Chalmers and Prince Harry in 2016

JJ Chalmers, who is starring in this year's series of Strictly Come Dancing, says he knows the Duke of Sussex is wishing him luck as he competes on the BBC show.

The former Royal Marine-turned TV presenter, who was injured by a bomb blast in Afghanistan in 2011, said he heard about Prince Harry's message through the Invictus Games, which was created by the Duke.

Chalmers was introduced to Harry while competing in the 2014 games, where he captained the trike cycling team and won two bronze medals.

Speaking about the Duke, JJ said: "I just know that he wishes me luck. Essentially, everybody is behind me, like I was saying, the Invictus Games in particular. I always hear through them about him. 

"And they always want me to go out there and do them proud. But they don't want me to feel any extra pressure, actually, and they are right. 

"Just by making it to this point, I have proved that there is a life beyond injury and that something like the Invictus Games can be the catalyst for you to go on and have a new career, have a new purpose in life," he added.

"Obviously, not that I am going to become a dancer, but this is now a big part of my career and what happens beyond this in terms of what I will continue to work on."

JJ Chalmers Strictly Come Dancing
The former Royal Marine is taking part in this year's Strictly Come Dancing (Picture: BBC).

The former Marine performed his first dance, a waltz to 'What A Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong, on Saturday night with his professional partner Amy Dowden, scoring 19 out of a possible 30 points with the judges.  

Speaking ahead of the dance, he said: "The thing you have to understand about being a Royal Marine is that you put yourself in harm's way and your courage is really drawn from the people around you. 

"I was able to put my life on the line because I knew that if the worst ever happened then someone would have my back – and they did.

"My life was saved and then you are just swept up by this amazing chain of unbelievable people," he continued.

"This is the same, actually. I am going to step out there tomorrow and I have got Amy and, yes, I am the one leading it, apparently. But ultimately she is going to keep me in check from the moment we step out. 

"From standing backstage making sure that my head is in the right place, she conducts herself like such an operator."

Cover image: JJ Chalmers with Prince Harry in 2016 (Picture: PA).

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