Watch As D-Day Veterans Set Sail On Emotional Voyage To Revisit Normandy

Live stream: Royal Navy ships pay tribute to veterans as they set sail in the Solent for D-Day 75

This is the moment that D-Day veterans set sail on an emotional journey to retrace their steps to the landing grounds of Normandy as part of a series of commemorative events to mark the 75th anniversary of Operation Overlord.

Thousands of well-wishers are lining the shores to wave them off while the crew of HMS Queen Elizabeth pay them a stirring tribute - by forming Procedure Alpha, lining the decks around the ship, wearing their No 1 uniform, with medals, in honour of the D-Day heroes.

Prime Minister Theresa May is joining the crowds of well-wishers in Portsmouth for the event.

The 255 veterans are sailing on board the cruise ship MV Boudicca - chartered by the Royal British Legion to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Watch our live stream here has the Royal British Legion ship departs Portsmouth at 1840 Hrs, before she sails past HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The Royal British Legion ship is due to depart Portsmouth at 1840 Hrs, she will then pass HMS Queen Elizabeth at approximately 1900 Hrs as we salute the veterans as they embark on their journey to revisit the key locations on French soil where many of their comrades gave their lives in defence of our nation and our freedoms.

Plan of The Royal British Legion Ship sailing from Portsmouth

The MV Boudicca will be escorted out of the Solent at about 1905 Hrs, before passing the Round Tower.

Members of the public are encouraged to line key vantage points along the route to wave off the veterans as they recreate the journey they made in 1944.

A full sail-past will take place at sea, as MV Boudicca departs port with the route lined by 11 Royal Navy warships, including HMS Enterprise, HMS Tyne and HMS Northumberland.

Music will be played throughout by the Royal Marines Band and there will be a Spitfire flypast as the ship leaves Portsmouth.