Which D-Day? The ‘Bodyguard Of Lies’ That Fooled Hitler

You've heard of Operation Overlord. But what about D-Day's ‘Operation Bodyguard’ and the clever deception behind it?


‘Operation Overlord’ was the invasion of Normandy.

‘Operation Neptune’ was the naval component.

Visit the Forces Network’s D-Day page to learn more about the landings themselves.

D-Day 1944

Bear in mind, though, that Overlord and Neptune aren’t the entirety of the D-Day story.

Ever heard of:

‘Operation Bodyguard’?

Or ‘Fortitude’?

These other two portions of the D-Day campaign are perhaps less well known, but no less important.

Click the link above for an account of the D-Day operation set within the broader context of these parallel missions.

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