Pte Green & Pte Arendall - 2 Mercian: Christmas Messages 2018
Christmas 2018

Armed Forces Send Heartwarming Video Christmas Messages To Loved Ones

Merry Christmas: Do you recognise any loved ones or friends in these series of seasonal messages?

Pte Green & Pte Arendall - 2 Mercian: Christmas Messages 2018

Our Armed Forces serving around the world have recorded special Christmas messages for their loved ones in an annual tradition to connect the military family.

Serving your country often means duty comes before festive time spent with family and friends, while spending the season away from loved ones or away from home is a sacrifice that our personnel make every year.

This year, many will be on deployment in places such as Estonia, Poland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Ethiopia, Somalia, Mozambique as well as those on location in Germany and Cyprus.

There will be many others around the UK who are separated from family as they carry out their duties on home soil.

Here, we are showcasing a series of video messages from those serving around the world to their loved ones back home, and other celebrations showing how the Armed Forces are spending Christmas without their nearest and dearest.

Messages from Afghanistan

Messages from Germany

Messages from Cyprus

Messages from Gibraltar

Messages from Canada

Messages from Middle East

Messages from Brunei

Messages from Estonia

Messages from Ukraine

Messages from United Kingdom

Meanwhile, our Armed Forces are letting off some steam in the festive season as be seen in some of their posts on social media in the run up to Christmas (please note some posts contain adult language that might not be suitable for young ears - you can watch with the sound down).

Below, members of A Coy, The Royal Welsh, blow off some steam with a snowball fight after an exercise in Estonia on Op CABRIT 2.

Some festive frolics with the 216 (Parachute) Signal Squadron.

The British Army is gearing up for Christmas in South Sudan after the post arrived:  

There is some season's greetings from the Gurkhas on location in Brunei with an alternative Christmas feast.

The crew of HMS Defender has celebrating with the "extended family" with some inspirational messages: Watch each other's backs everyone.

A bit of warming hot chocolate with HMS Blazer.

We're all looking forward to some spectacular engineering in 2019.

The spirit of giving is alive and well in Swansea.

Some seasonal messages from HMS Montrose in the Pacific.

Some festive music from the Royal Artillery Band.

And a big festive thank you to all those who support the Royal Navy.

A Merry Christmas too from all of us at Forces Network, Forces News, Forces TV and BFBS TV, Forces Live Events (CSE), Forces Cinemas and Forces Radio BFBS.

You can join us on December 24 for Totally Christmas, a festive two-hour show on Forces Radio BFBS and a one-hour programme on BFBS TV that will connect our military audience right across the forces world, from Germany to Gibraltar… Cyprus to the Falklands… and everywhere else in-between.

Forces Radio BFBS broadcasters Amy Casey and Warren Moore will present the programme, reading out messages to loved ones wherever they may be, in a Forces Radio BFBS and BFBS Extra live simulcast, which will also be shown on BFBS Sport and Forces TV - with live interaction here on