China goes 'Black Mirror' with machine gun-mounted robot dogs

A private military contractor has created a new terrifying weapon for China’s military - a robot dog fitted with a machine gun.

As if that wasn't terrifying enough, the robodog can be transported via drone, with a video showing the dog standing up and moving around on the roof of a building.

The video is reminiscent of the fifth episode of the TV series Black Mirror, written by Charlie Brooker, entitled Metalhead, which tells the fictional story of the character Bella, played by Maxine Peake, as she tries to flee from terrifying, advanced, mechanical robotic dogs after the unexplained collapse of human society.

The video was shared on social media platform Weibo from a verified account of the private Chinese Military contractor.

"War dogs descend from the sky!" the post said. 

"The heavy-duty drones can deliver combat dogs, to be directly inserted behind enemy lines and spring surprise attacks on weak links. 

"They can also be placed on the rooftops and work with troops on the ground to ambush enemies inside buildings."

It comes after six companies that have created some of the world's most advanced, futuristic 'robot dogs' have written an open letter asking governments and nation-states not to arm their robots for military use.

The companies also pledged not to create weaponised versions for sale themselves.