British Army Military Mascots 2018. Credit Forces News Sian Grzeszczyk


Military Mascots From Around The World

And yes, there are several goats and even a penguin

British Army Military Mascots 2018. Credit Forces News Sian Grzeszczyk

Animals and the military go hand in hand, or rather hand in paw/claw/hoof, especially with animals in combat or transport roles. However, some animals have the privilege of being just like their fellow soldiers and they are the mascots.

Some mascots are connected to the regiment/military home country, and others symbolise parts of their regiment's history. 

The British Army collectively have nine animal mascots, from goats to ponies, but they are not the only military force in the world to have animal mascots.


The Spanish Legion have their own goat mascot, Odin. He usually is seen wearing a Legion cap and accompanied by a Legionnaire. Odin is not the only goat mascot. The Royal Welsh 1st Battalion have Fusilier William Windsor or 'Billy' for short. The 2nd Battalion have Lance Corporal Taffy the goat and the 3rd Battalion have Shenkin III.


Quintas Durga, a Bengal Tiger, is the mascot for the 5th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment. She is their newest mascot having joined the regiment on June 10, 2020.


English Bulldog, Chesty XV is a mascot to the US Marine Corps and named after the most decorated US Marine, Lt General Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller Jr. He lives at the Marine Barracks in Washington where he is normally seen at weekly parades.

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanken Light Infantry mascot is an elephant. There have been elephant mascots since 1961, and they are all named after the most famous elephant in Sri Lanken history, Kandula.


Brigadier Sir Nils Olav is a King Penguin who is the mascot and Colonel-in-Chief of the Kings Guard of Norway. There have been three Nils Olav since 1972, and the current mascot lives in Edinburgh Zoo.


Toronto Zoo is home to the Canadian Army’s “live” mascot, Honorary Corporal Juno, a female polar bear. However, they also have Juno the teddy bear who can be booked to appear at events around the country.

A previous mascot of the Canadian Army was Winnie, a bear who inspired one of the most famous bears in literature, Winnie the Pooh. 


Perhaps a more famous tiger mascot is that of the Indonesian Army Siliwangi Military Command, whose statue was demolished after it went viral for its cheesy smile.