Cat on QE. Credit BFBS

Giant Cats Photoshopped Into Military Pictures You Say? Internet Complete...

Cat on QE. Credit BFBS

We are not 'kitten' around, there is a whole Twitter account dedicated to adding giant cats to military photos.

'Fur' real.

Cats are no strangers to being in and around the military. From brave cat Simon who was awarded the PDSA Dickin medal to countless other cats who would sneak onboard aircraft and ships. 

However, we are pretty sure that cats and military photos coming together like this is not something you'd expect to see on social media.

For your entertainment, we have collected some of the account's finest images below:

Up first we have the "if I fits, I sits" cat ...

You wouldn't want to see this 'fur'-midable pair coming towards you on an Osprey.

These cats are certainly 'feline' relaxed in a field surrounded by Apache helicopters.

Judging from the expression on this cat's face, they know they have made a mistake.

Now we're going a bit 'fur'-ther back in time.

Even in the dark, the cats are still there.

This cat must be giving them a helping hand ... erm, paw ... down from the Chinook.

And finally, this is one determined cat.

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