Emma Davies

The Senior Producer on the team and your first point of contact if you’re interested in discussing how we might work with your organisation.  

Emma has been with SSVC (in BFBS Radio and TV and Forces TV) for many years.  

Having lived and worked within the forces community, she has a first-hand understanding of many of the welfare issues facing military personnel and their families both during and after service.

Victoria Smith

A reporter who has worked with SSVC for 12 years, reporting mainly on forces welfare stories.

Victoria has a real understanding of issues ranging from injury, mental health and transition to education and veterans in the criminal justice system.

David McCann

The team's Edinburgh-based reporter with experience in online news, radio and TV.

David is keen to work with your organisation to address the issues affecting service personnel and veterans in Scotland and the North of England

Luke Hurst

The team’s Multi-Media producer, Luke is a former Forces TV Assistant Producer who looks after the team’s online and social media presence, editing much of the output and creating unique digital content.

Our Team

We’re keen to help showcase the brilliant work of forces charities and other organisations delivering on the promises of the Armed Forces Covenant, wherever they’re located. 

Get in touch via email at welfaremedia@ssvc.com, follow us on Twitter – @forceswelfare – and like our Facebook page - facebook.com/forceswelfaremedia, where you can see all our videos and articles.