Running from 1984 to 1987 the smash TV series Airwolf featured the adventures of a supersonic stealth helicopter and her crew.

Operating for 'The Firm', a fictional branch of the CIA, the aircraft was involved in numerous 'black missions' - many with Cold War overtones.

The actual helicopter used in the four series however met a tragic end. 

After filming ended Airwolf, a modified twin-engined Bell 222, was stripped of her 'futuristic, advanced weapons systems' and sold off.

Transported from California to Germany it began a second career operating as an air ambulance. 

But in June 1992, after safely flying a patient to hospital, it crashed on the return flight to its Berlin base.

The three passengers on board, including a doctor, all sadly died in the accident and the helicopter was destroyed. 

Various replicas have been built by enthusiasts, the most recent of which can be found gracing the helipad of America's most expensive home. The $250 million Bel Air mega-mansion, currently up for sale, comes complete with not only 'Airwolf' but also a fleet of supercars.

The legacy of the show lives on however for those with more humble budgets, not least because of its distinctive synthesizer theme tune, and from this February viewers have once again been able to watch the iconic series on Forces TV.