The State

Based on extensive research and first-hand accounts, there's another chance from Monday 20th November, to see this powerful four-part drama, following four young British men and women who have left their lives behind to join Isis in Raqqah, Syria in 2015.

Jalal is following in the footsteps of his older brother, who has been eulogised by Isis as a brave martyr who died in battle. He has persuaded his best friend Ziyaad to accompany him. Single mother Shakira is with her nine-year-old son Isaac and determined to bring her skills as a junior doctor to the aid of the Islamic State by working in the hospital in Raqqah. Teenager Ushnahas left behind her family in London to fulfil what she sees as her religious duty and the fierce Salafist ideology she has discovered online.

They take oaths of allegiance to Isis, convinced they've made the right decision to come, but are soon confronted by the harsh realities of life under Isis which don't match their expectations...

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