The A-Team Cast Photo

Cult ’80s classic series The A-Team is back on Forces TV and here are a few fun facts about the show!

1. Three members of the cast had real-life military experience. George Peppard, who played Colonel John ‘Hannibal’ Smith, joined the US Marine Corps in July 1946. His military career lasted just 18 months, but he did ascend to the rank of Corporal, serving with 10th Marines, an artillery regiment based at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Eddie Velez, who appeared as special effects expert Frankie ‘Dishpan’ Santana in season five, served in the US Air Force. He left the service in 1981 to pursue a career in acting.

Lawrence Tureaud – better known as Mr T – served in the US Army’s Military Police Corps in the mid 1970s before joining the cast of The A-Team as BA Baracus.

2. The A-Team’s chain of command sometimes didn’t follow the rank structure. Hannibal is a Colonel, Murdock a Captain, Face a Lieutenant and BA a Sergeant, but Face tended to take charge in Hannibal’s absence due to Murdock’s mental instability.

3. BA Baracus never actually uttered the words ‘I pity the fool’ in The A-Team – the phrase that became one of Mr T’s best-known catchphrases came from his role as Clubber Lang in Rocky III.

4. Murdock’s first name is never revealed, while BA’s is confirmed as ‘Bosco’ in the show’s pilot episode. BA stands for ‘Bad Attitude’.

5. BA’s name was changed in international versions of the show. In Italy he became ‘PE’, which stood for ‘Pessimo Elemento’, which translates as ‘Terrible Element’. In Spain, BA became ‘MA’, or ‘Mala Actitud’.

6. The ‘crime they did not commit’ was the robbery of the Bank of Hanoi. The A-Team were acting under the orders of their CO, Colonel Morrison, but when they returned to their base they found Col Morrison dead and all evidence of the legality of their mission destroyed.

7. The show’s unforgettable theme tune was written by Mike Post, who also supplied the signature music for The Rockford Files, Magnum PI, Hill Street Blues, LA Law and Quantum Leap

The A-Team is back to Forces TV, from on Monday 16th October at 10pm UK time >