It was another no-holds-barred night for British Army boxers in Germany – this time at Athlone Barracks with the Queen's Royal Hussars (QRH).

Hotly tipped as the event of the year for the regiment, it didn't disappoint.

It was a big night for the soldiers too, with 11 bouts, building up to the hottest fight of the night - the Regimental Sergeant Major vs the Adjutant.

Several of the fights saw colleagues standing toe-to-toe, and one of the fights with the most hype was that of Sergeant Davis and Trooper Farrell.

It was one of the most entertaining bouts of the night. Trooper Farrell, despite being almost a foot shorter than his opponent, had the crowd behind him as he landed several heavy blows, handing Davis a nasty black eye.

In round two, a single punch knocked Farrell to the ground, ending the bout with a technical knockout.

And the final fight, Captain Tripanis, the Adjutant, took on WO1 Grinsell, the Regimental Sergeant Major.

From the first round bell there was no holding back as the punches rained thick and fast from all directions.

And despite both putting up a good fight, there could only be one winner.

It was a fantastic end to the night, with just the awards left to finish proceedings on a high.

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