Open to both experienced and novice riders, the Royal Navy’s first wakeboard championships at Box End Park, Bedford, not only tested skills in the cable park but was also designed to attract new members. 

The Army and Royal Air Force have dominated the inter service wakeboard scene for years, with the senior service more often than not even able to put forward any competitors. 

But last year they not only got a team together, they came away with medals. 

One of those was Royal Marine Tony Evans who is now hoping to break into the GB team.

But at the heart of the association are two familiar faces.

Steph and Lucy Ingram, not content with transforming the Navy Ladies snowboard team, have now set to work ensuring a future for Royal Navy and Royal Marine wakeboarders.

In total 20 servicemen and women took part, with both seasoned riders and complete novices taking part.

RESULTS:  RN Men’s Champion – Mne Tony Evans RN Men’s Runner Up – CPO Matthew Ellison   RN Women’s Champion – SLt Lucy Ingram RN Women’s Runner Up – Surg Lt Cdr Steph Ingram