Fights can last for several minutes, or they can be over in seconds in the Inter-Services Judo Championships - as seen in action in this footage. 

This year, the Army men and RAF women won the team titles at the annual contest.

The tournament saw more than 100 of the best competitors in the Army, Royal Navy and RAF battling it out at RNAS Yeovilton.

Inter-Services Judo Championship 2017

This year it was the Navy's turn to host the event, something they're proud of. Sub-Lieutenant David Ferguson said:

"It's our biggest event. It's almost got a 50-year history now, so it holds a special place in people's hearts."

"We've always had a friendly inter-service rivalry... So the opportunity to show which is the stronger force out of the three, year on year, is a special thing."

Just about all of the military's international stars were in action in Yeovilton, from Ghana's Emmanuel Nartey, to competitors like Tommy Mercer, Alex Paske and Alex Tew, who flew back from a GB training camp in Spain to be there.

Inter-Services Judo Championship 2017 - Alex Paske

For Captain Paske, who helped the Army men reclaim their senior title, it was a first competition since recovering from a serious knee injury. He said:

"Today's been a big confidence boost for me. [It was] really good just to settle into competing again because it's a different mindset when you're putting your body on the line."

The women's championships saw the Navy competing as a team for the first time in a decade, bolstered by former national champion Able Seaman Leanne Black.

The day was to prove a success for the RAF women though. They took the Kyu grade and masters team titles - important at these championships.

Inter-Services Judo Championship 2017

All performances here are being keenly monitored and can lead to further opportunities.

The best competitors will be selected for the national team championships in July, which is why it's so important for the current forces stars to be here.

The tournament is now in its 48th year and Major Jim Crompton, chairman of UK Armed Forces judo, says having high-level competition makes a real difference:

"[In] the military we have a good turnover [of athletes], we've got some really fit people, some very talented people."

"By doing something like the Inter-Services, we're really nurturing that talent to get people to be the best they can be." Capt Paske was in agreement:

"For the UK Armed Forces it’s fantastic to see so many people on the mat, especially [the] women coming through [after the creation of a grassroots training camp to encourage female involvement in the sport].

With the afternoon competition devoted to the individual competitions, one of the most anticipated finals was his all-Army meeting with Emmanuel Nartey at 81 kilos.

The bout saw Nartey, one of Ghana's hottest sporting properties, get the better of his GB rival by 'ippon' to be crowned champion.

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