Steven Law BFBS Northern Ireland

Steven always wanted to be on the 'wireless', ever since he was a wee lad (Norn Iron speak for a young fellow) sitting in school, practising links over music beds in his head (help was subsequently provided by a local psychologist!).

He started his career some time ago with Hospital Radio, moving on to short-term radio stations, a Belfast-wide station and then, before BFBS, to a Northern Ireland-wide station.

Steven was born in Northern Ireland and has never worked anywhere else. He is married and has three ‘kids’. Two are now over the legal drinking age (although he hopes they don’t, like any other over-protective da!).

He is on BFBS each Saturday afternoon from 12 to 2 with a fast-moving programme, which should help you get motivated and get going. Tune in, and do get in touch as well.