Milly Luxford BFBS Germany

When Milly was a youngster she wanted to be either She-Ra or the next Anneka Rice. She managed to do one better and bag herself a job at BFBS after ten years in Commercial Radio. Having always lived on the South Coast she is all about the beach!

In short (which she is, but has learnt to embrace very high heels), she LOVES a challenge & has an outrageous laugh which tends to get her in a lot of trouble and would love to see as much of the world as possible.

She has traveled to Afghanistan to meet local troops on ops, climbed a mountain dressed as Tinkerbell, run a marathon, rowed bathtubs down rivers, run 7k in seven countries in seven days, embarked on many charity road trips, jumped off piers and interviewed Tom Odell (before he was famous) and Keith Richards.

Since joining Forces Radio BFBS she has done stints in Northern Ireland, Gibraltar & Brunei and is currently on the airwaves in Germany.