Loren Fox BFBS Gibraltar

She only ever did one wedding.

Loren was always convinced she would grow up to be a Vampire Slayer, but unfortunately that position was taken, instead she just wears the T-shirt for bed. Spending her weekends either in motorcycle leathers or donning Hull City football club memorabilia she decided neither or those were how she wanted to pay the bills so music and chitter chatter it was to be. From Djing in local bars and clubs (and one wedding, she says she may tell us exactly why one day) to producing shows aired in Texas, USA this proud Yorkshire lass built her career as a resident DJ and local radio host through the years.

Her shows reflect how proud she is to broadcast to the Forces World and you’ll feel like you’re down at the pub having a pint with her when she tells you about her weekly failings in life which often include falling over at every opportunity and accidentally finishing off a full pack of Quavers in one sitting.