Cherry Casey BFBS Northern Ireland

Cherry fell into radio presenting really by accident, when she saw a poster advertising for BFBS volunteer jocks, and thought “sure that would be a bit of a laugh!”  So she started as a volunteer, while continuing to work as a cardiology nurse, but finally decided to swap bed pans for headphones, and is glad she doesn’t get the two confused – well not recently!

Her previous career has prepared her well for presenting and reporting for Forces Radio BFBS, she loves talking to and finding out about people, there is no bodily function that phases her, but be warned there is no question she’s afraid to ask – have your bowels moved this morning?  The biggest challenge for Cherry in this career change was the technology, a self-confessed “Techno Dunce” she can restart your heart with cardiac paddles, but anything more complicated than an email on a computer has her completely flummoxed.

Off air Cherry, a busy mum of two, also has four dogs and has already achieved her lifetime ambition of breeding and qualifying a dog for Crufts dog show! She still finds time to be active in the local am dram group, The Holywood Players, recent roles include a French floozy, a pub landlady and the mother in law from hell, means it’s no surprise she gets a bit confused at times!