Blue Peter has decided to change its policy on only awarding its famous badges to children living in the UK thanks to a creative six-year-old who lives in British Forces Germany.

Stanley decided to put his artistic skills to use this summer and draw a picture for one of his favourite TV shows, Blue Peter.

"I drew a picture of Shelley. Shelley is, you have to spot him each time on Thursday... a tortoise."

Here's everyone's favourite celebrity tortoise Shelley with fan Hannah.

Because Stanley had sent in a drawing he was eligible for a blue badge. There are blue, green, silver, orange, purple, sport and gold badges, each with a different meaning. The Blue Peter website describes the blue badge:

"Blue badges are awarded for sending interesting letters, stories, makes, pictures, poems, good ideas for the programme, and for having appeared on Blue Peter."

A Blue Peter badge is a special award given to people who appear on the show, or in recognition of achievement. One of the bonuses of being a Blue Peter badge owner is gaining free entry into some theme parks, zoos and castles.

After waiting several weeks for a response, Stanley's family received a letter that disappointed them.

Letter From Blue Peter For Six-Year-Old Stanley Nicholson British Forces Germany

Mother Sophie and Father Mark, a Major in the British Army, were not happy to let this go without a fight so wrote an email back to Blue Peter. Mark read out his email on BFBS Totally Connected, this week live from BFBS Germany with Chris Keen.

"Thousands of British Forces personnel receive BBC overseas via BFBS making it an essential link to the UK. Especially the children who are avid viewers of CBBC and CBeebies.

"I pay UK tax, have a UK postcode, live on a UK base and have served the UK for 34 years and have deployed on operations to protect UK interests overseas and at home.

"In the forces, we also have a UK postal system making postage exactly the same as it would be in the UK.

British Forces Post Office BFPO Image from Forces News report
BFPO provides postal and courier services to the UK Armed Forces throughout the world

"I have of course experienced discrimination myself although I have never been so disgusted to see my six-year-old son discriminated against in such a way by your organisation."

Mark decided not to show Stanley the letter to protect him from the disappointment of not receiving a Blue Peter badge. In his email, Mark asked for clarity from Blue Peter in the future so that other children whose parents serve in Britain's armed forces know not to enter competitions.

Thankfully Blue Peter responded positively and said they would send Stanley a badge because they could see he had put a lot of hard work into his drawing of Shelley. They also replied to address the grown-up concern:

“We have spoken to our Editor and we can now award badges to HM forces outside of the UK.”

Blue Peter still say that they will not send badges overseas but if you have a BFPO address then they will now send it to you.

So start getting creative and you never know, you could be the next person to get a Blue Peter Badge in the Forces community.

Below you can see Stanley wearing his Blue Peter badge proudly at the BFBS Germany studios.