BFBS offers three main radio services: BFBS Radio for upbeat music-based programming and news, BFBS Radio 2 for music, sport and speech including the best of the BBC, and BFBS Gurkha Radio for Nepali language programmes.

BFBS Radio can be heard across the UK, overseas on FM, and online. You can also find us on Sky 0211 and Freesat 786. BFBS Radio 2 can be heard overseas on FM, and online. BFBS Gurkha Radio can be heard across the UK on AM, overseas on FM, and online.



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Get the App

The app allows you to listen to all of Forces Radio BFBS' stations and streams anywhere, anytime. Connect to Bluetooth in your car or switch on wifi wherever possible.  Download at the Apple Store or at the Android Store.


Sky/Freesat (UK)

On a Sky Digital box we’re listed under the 'Radio' section of your Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) – punch in Channel 0211 and you'll be listening. On a Freesat satellite receiver we're also under the 'Radio' section, Channel 786.


FM (Overseas)

BFBS Radio and BFBS Radio 2 broadcasts on FM in many Forces locations overseas. You can hear a selection of BFBS Radio 2 programmes online (but licensing restrictions mean we do not simulcast BBC programmes on the web).


BFBS Gurkha Radio

BFBS Gurkha Radio broadcasts on AM and DAB in select UK locations as well as on FM in the Falkland Islands, Afghanistan, Brunei, Nepal, Belize and on Ops.