Ed Sheeran BFBS Session

Stories abound of how Ed Sheeran spent years sofa surfing, and even sleeping rough on occasions, when he didn't have enough cash in his pocket to buy a ticket for the last train home after gigs.

So now, widely acknowledged as the nicest man in pop, few would begrudge Ed's global success which has brought him untold wealth and fame.

And his new album, 'Divide', is already being hailed as his best yet - with the man himself confidently predicting sales will outstrip his previous mega-selling releases, 'Plus' and 'Multiply'.

Ed is, of course, no stranger to Forces Radio BFBS, recording a session for us during his visit to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, where he also played a show for troops at the base.

LISTEN to the Ed Sheeran special here.

You can hear tracks from Ed's new album all week on BFBS Radio.


Ed Sheeran Divide
Ed Sheeran's new album, 'Divide'