Adam Sat In Skydive Plane

If you are terrified of heights then skydiving probably isn't top of your things to do for charity list but Salisbury Plain's Adam Powney is braver than most.

He will be hurtling himself out of a plane at the end of October to raise money for the BFBS Big Salute.

The BFBS Big Salute raises money to benefit members of the armed forces community and their families. Money is raised and donated through activities undertaken by audiences of the radio, TV and digital platforms, as well as SSVC staff. 100% of all money raised for the Big Salute goes into the fund.

Adam will do his skydive at the Army Parachute Association, in Netheravon. He went along to speak to one of the instructors and have a look at some of the process.

How are you feeling about the skydive?

“Scared is an understatement. I’ve flown in planes, flown a plane for a short period of time, but the idea of being thrown out of a plane, thousands of feet up in the air… terrifies me”

What was the motivation for the skydive?

“I was attending the Armed Forces Parachute Competition and was looking up thinking, I wonder what it would be like. Then I got speaking to Julie form the APA and three words were said ‘Just Do It’ – so I lived in the moment and said I would… soon to realise I had actually signed myself up for it”

Why the BFBS Big Salute?

“Working with Forces Radio BFBS, I am constantly surrounded by the armed forces and their supporting charities. As well as this, I have grown up with a passion for the military, so what would be more apt, than to raise money for a charity, that supports the charities I work with and what surrounded by daily”

Skydive for the Big Salute

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