Virginia Carlin BFBS Gibraltar

Gini Carlin likes to see herself as the Mariah Carey of BFBS, spending her days being carried around Command on a chaise lounge by members of her team, changing her ball gown up to seven times a day, not permitting anyone to look her directly in the eye and insisting on her egg and chips being cooked by the Nation’s top Military chefs.

Ginster has been with the old firm quite a while clocking up some pretty decent Forces air miles. Two tours of Germany, a sojourn to Canada, a tour of Cyprus, three tours to Iraq and two to Afghanistan, it’s fair to say our Ginster has a fair grasp of the Forces World, especially it would seem Warzones. She spent 7 ½ months in Afghanistan returning for a 6 month tour less than a year later (any reports of Gini’s lengthy stays in the Middle East  being compared to Alan Partridges 183 days in the Linton Travel Tavern will be strongly rebutted by her lawyers) it is simply not true that the RAF sent a Lexus to get her home.

Gini is a martial arts fan especially MMA and boxing, she has her Gibraltar ABA card and is a member of the Gibraltar Amateur boxing association she prides herself on being the oldest and most unfit member (“It’s OK Gini, just do what you can...”)

She is soon to be married to Channel 4’s Supervet, sadly he is not aware of this yet, but once the restraining order has been lifted, Gini is hoping she will be able to show him the Great Dane tattoo on her forehead.