WATCH: 360 View Inside A Wildcat Helicopter

The Wildcat is the Royal Navy's new attack helicopter, specifically designed to operate from frigates and destroyers.

Conceived to replace the Lynx, it entered service in 2014 before starting operational deployment at sea.

In this new 360-degree interactive video, the helicopter takes off from the flight deck of Type 45 destroyer HMS Daring:

The Wildcat provides vital support to the warship during its mission to protect some of the world's most vital shipping lanes.

This helicopter has a range of 420 nautical miles, can travel at speeds of up to 157mph and is armed with two new missile systems that have cutting-edge targeting, similar to that of the Apache gunship. 

It can operate in extreme climates, from the desert to the arctic.

Last year, Forces News was granted exclusive access to see how the Wildcat is put together: