A Kazakhstani military helicopter brought traffic to a standstill after it made a surprise landing in the middle of a road... so the pilot could ask for directions.

In a video filmed by a truck driver, the soviet-era Mi-8 gunship can be seen sitting on the road, before a crew member gets out, and runs up to the queue of trucks. 

The military officer then salutes the driver and shakes his hand before asking where they had landed.

"They were lost," the truck driver then tells his colleagues on the radio.

"He came to ask which way to Aktobe."

"How the hell can you get lost in the steppe?" another driver asked on the radio, according to RT.

In a statement released by the Kazakhstan Ministry of Defence, the incident is called a "planned visual orienteering exercise" where trainee pilots are intentionally sent out without an idea of their location and challenged to determine where they were by "by means of human survey".

Video courtesy of Ruptly

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