Boris Johnson and Sir Michael Fallon have announced Britain's intent to become a "dynamic, agile, cutting-edge global power".

Ahead of the annual Munich Security Conference, the Foreign Secretary and Defence Secretary launched the framework for British defence engagement overseas.

The joint international defence engagement strategy includes a "stepping up" of global commitments and leadership in organisations such as NATO and the United Nations and a shift towards a defence policy which is more "international by design".

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon

Among other measures, the strategy includes more NATO military exercises with allies such as Ukraine, Poland and Estonia, which are faced with increasing Russian aggression.

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It comes after the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review made defence engagement a core task for the first time. Defence Secretary Sir Michael said: 

"Our increased ambition for defence engagement abroad demonstrates the UK's global role. Whether it's by increasing our military expertise in the Middle East, training Nigerian forces in maritime security, or RAF Typhoons exercising over South Korea, Britain is committed to working internationally to protect our people and interests".

Foreign Secretary Mr Johnson said: 

"The International Defence Engagement Strategy ensures we get the best value from our brilliant and brave Armed Forces and world-class Diplomatic Service, enabling them to deliver security and prosperity for the British people".

He also said: "This is about sending a clear signal of the UK's intent as a dynamic, agile, cutting-edge global power".

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