Troops Told To Cover Tattoos On Holiday Over Terror Attack Fears
British troops have reportedly been given an official warning they could be targeted by terrorists while on holiday with their families.
According to The Sunday People, an internal MoD memo urged soldiers to cover up any tattoos showing regimental logos, slogans or numbers while abroad.
Personnel were told to conduct "threat assessments" if they go to large resorts, amid fears lone-wolf terrorists could be looking to attack those from the military.
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The Sunday People says its intelligence sources claim soldiers are at risk of attack at tourist hotspots, from the Costa del Sol to Tenerife.
The memo reportedly says terrorists could "target locations to kill, injure or take hostage" troops and families.
A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said:
"We do not comment on matters of operational security but confirm that our security posture is kept under constant review."
The news comes less than a week after police were called following a 'suspicious incident' at a garrison in Aldershot and a kidnapping attempt outside an RAF base last month.
On 20 July two men attempted to abduct a serviceman at RAF Marham in Norfolk.
The men, who were both of Middle Eastern appearance, tried to force the airman into a car as he jogged near the base.
The officer managed to fight them off before escaping.