Iraq Airstrikes

The Royal Air Force has continued to bomb so-called Islamic State positions in support of the Iraqi offensive to liberate Mosul.

The Ministry of Defence has released details of airstrikes conducted by the RAF over the New Year period.

On 29th December, a Reaper used three Hellfire missiles to take out a mortar team firing from a treeline and two groups of IS fighters located in south-east Mosul.

Two Tornado GR4s used a Brimstone missile to destroy a cart laden with weapons in a street in eastern Mosul, and Paveway IV guided bombs against an artillery position hidden amongst trees in parkland in northern Mosul.

The Tornados then crossed into Syria and destroyed IS artillery mounted onto a trailer a couple miles north of Palmyra. 

A Reaper continued patrols over eastern Mosul on Friday 30 December.

It used its Hellfire missiles is support of Iraqi troops who were engaged in close combat with IS militants.

Similar Reaper operations occurred on New Year’s Day, with RAF aircraft taking out a group of IS fighters with one Hellfire, then using a second to knock out an armed truck which it had spotted reversing in and out of cover to fire bursts from a heavy machine-gun.

A flight of Typhoon FGR4s were also active over northern Mosul, where they used a Paveway IV to attack a mortar position just to the north of the city.

A Reaper patrol once again used a Hellfire missile to attack a rooftop position from where IS fighters were firing on Iraqi troops.

The following day, a further Reaper attack occurred in south-east Mosul, striking Islamic State militants who were in close proximity to Iraqi forces.

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