Corrie McKeague

Police investigating the disappearance of missing RAF airman Corrie McKeague are carrying out a search of buildings in Bury St Edmunds, according to his mother.

Nicola Urquhart said on the Find Corrie Facebook page that they're searching buildings in the 'horseshoe' area of the town. Suffolk Police said in a statement:

"Police are continuing searches to try to locate Corrie McKeague. As part of this a small team of officers have been carrying out work in the vicinity Corrie was last seen, in the St John Street area." 

"This involves visiting premises, speaking to staff and employees and searching buildings. Many of these people will have already been contacted previously as part of the ongoing investigation.  

"The decision to carry out the work this week is not based on specific information that Corrie entered any of these buildings, however, without finding Corrie leaving the horseshoe area it becomes even more important to ensure that all possibilities are explored.

"Any investigation involves checking and re-checking activities, this is not unusual in circumstances such as this."

"Suffolk Constabulary remains committed to carrying out investigations to find Corrie and comprehensive work and enquiries continue. We would continue to ask anyone with information to call the incident room on 01473 782019."

It comes as police are reportedly looking into the discovery of a mobile phone.

Work's been underway to find Corrie's Nokia Lumia 435 phone, which was in a black case and traced to the Barton Mills area, for some time.

Now, a member of the public has reportedly found a Nokia phone in the Mildenhall area of Suffolk, although Forces TV sources have expressed doubt over whether it's linked to the case.

In October, it was announced that police had failed to find the mobile phone following a search of a bin lorry.

The movements of the vehicle had coincided with that of the phone, with police looking at the possibility that it may have been lost or discarded.

It was believed to have moved between Bury St Edmunds and Barton Mills on the morning of his disappearance, on Saturday 24 September.

It comes after the girlfriend of missing RAF man announced that she is expecting his baby.

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