After the Second World War the British military embarked on a 60 year initiative to create training and instructional films about almost every aspect of forces life; from how an Officer should talk to his men to what to expect if you got sent to a military corrective centre.

At Forces TV we're lucky enough to have made many of those films and hold others in our archive collections. Often snapshots of different times and attitudes they're sometimes a difficult watch but always fascinating and a rare glimpse into a world the general public never saw.

WATCH: From Our Archive - Royal Marines Beating Retreat 1970 

One such example is the 1981 film portrait of Kneller Hall, the Royal Military School of Music. Once past the clipped accents, the moustaches and endless cigarette smoking it offers the viewer an insight into the institution's foundation, purpose and quality of its musical training.

WATCH: From Our Archive - Dive Navy 1976