Missing RAF Airman Corrie McKeague

The mother of missing RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague says she will not stop looking for him.

Nicola Urquhart told ITV's This Morning that the chances of finding her son alive were "slim" but said he "could still be out there". She added:

"I realise as each day goes by the chances of him being alive are slim but without someone saying he is [dead], I'm not giving up."

"Someone could be holding him, but, if they are, the public support is amazing."

Nicola Urquhart speaks to ITV's This Morning

She said that if anyone was holding the RAF gunner she hoped the continuing pressure from the public would cause them to "crack" and called on people to keep the message out there to make that person "crumble".

Corrie's uncle Tony Wringe, meanwhile, has written on the Find Corrie Facebook group that a team of private investigators will arrive on Friday to assist the police in their search.

He added that the "elite team of specialists" is comprised of ex-British military intelligence operators, analysts, and personnel from other Special Forces, security and police agencies, who'll have the latest data acquisition and analytics software at their disposal.

Mrs Urquhart, meanwhile, said she didn't think it likely Corrie would have intentionally disappeared:

"I honestly do wish that there was that possibility [that Corrie might want to disappear] because it would mean that he's made the choice to go somewhere and do something.

"But there's no preparation, not one single bit of evidence [for that theory]. He disappeared a week before payday, he's not touched his money since."

"His vehicle was three minutes away walking, it was his pride and joy - a BMW Z4 that he really, really liked.

"His little puppy, his seven-month-old puppy Louell was left in his bedroom. He'd been on the phone to his brother [Darroch] four times that day, because his brother was coming to see him the following week.

She also spoke about his personality, as well as his pride at serving in the Air Force:

"I don't think he's ever been prouder of anything than in his life [than being in the RAF]."

"You wouldn't forget him. Corrie is so memorable. Everybody that meets him just falls in love with him.

"He's really happy. He wants to be the centre of attention, he loves meeting new people.

"He's just a really, really friendly, outgoing, really confident [person].

"There isn't anything he wouldn't do or wouldn't try, [he'd] jump from the highest mountain. Corrie will do anything - he wants to live and love life."

"When he wants to try things, he doesn't care what people think of him."

Mrs Urquhart has previously said that Corrie was a "social hand grenade" who would put himself at risk and questioned why three men had set fire to a vehicle in the area the day after his disappearance, an incident she described as "highly suspicious".

He was last seen in the early hours of 24 September after a night out with friends in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Police continue to call for people seen in the area on CCTV that night to come forward, including a man walking along Cornhill Walk around the time McKeague was last seen.

Police have scoured woodland areas in the vicinity and searched a bin lorry, believing that his phone had ended up in rubbish after it travelled from Bury St Edmonds to Barton Mills on the morning he disappeared. They have still not found the phone.

If you have any information that can help find Corrie, ring the Suffolk Police Incident Room on 01473 782019.

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