Man Jailed Over Death Of Royal Navy Veteran

A man has been jailed for three years and four months after admitting the manslaughter of an Royal Navy veteran.

Roy Galvin died from a head injury after he was pushed to the ground by Duncan Snellgrove last September.

Mr Galvin was with his wife, who uses a wheelchair, when they were involved in an argument with Snellgrove, who was riding a bicycle on Bury road.

The 69-year-old hit his head on the road after being pushed by Snellgrove, who then rode off.

Mr Galvin died at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham three days later.

During sentencing at Portsmouth Crown Court, Judge Munroe said the offender's actions had "deprived a delightful couple of many happy years together".

At the time of his death Roy's family said they wanted to be left to grieve in peace, but his widow Deborah said:

"Roy was my total companion and we had a lot of fun sharing our lives together. He was incredibly intelligent and very, very, funny. He just loved life and was my best friend in the world.

"Roy retired from the Royal Navy in 1987 and had so many friends in the local area. Everybody knew him when he walked the poodles. He was my entire world and was very loyal. He was a wonderful husband to me, brother, and thought the world of his nephew Grant. We will all miss him very much".

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Cover image: Roy Galvin. Family Handout.