Corrie McKeague

The mother of Corrie McKeague has addressed questions on her son's disappearance during a live question and answer session on social media, saying her son is a "social hand grenade" who would put himself at risk.

Although police state that they have so far found no evidence of foul play, Nicola Urquhart has made it clear that she fears someone else may have been involved in Corrie's disappearance

During the 90-minute Facebook session, which took place last Thursday and was viewed by over 39,000 people, she spoke about her feelings towards the police investigation and her son's disappearance:

"He's not so much a social butterfly, more a social hand grenade who absolutely lives for the moment," Urquhart said. "He will make choices and decisions that are sometimes reckless that other people might not.

"Would he get into a stranger's car? Yes. Would he go to a stranger's house that he's never met before that he's met on a social dating site? Yes. He would put himself at risk because Corrie believed he could handle himself."

McKeague was last seen in the early hours of 24 September after a night out with friends in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

During the post, Urquhart called for a number of people seen in the area on CCTV that night to be identified, including a man walking along Cornhill Walk around the time McKeague was last seen.

Urquhart said three men had set fire to a vehicle in the area the day after Corrie's disappearance, which she thought was "highly suspicious".

Speaking about the police investigation, she said:

"They’ve done some door-to-door, they have had civilians tap on doors with bits of paper asking if they'd been aware of anything happening to Corrie, if they heard anything that night. This did take about seven weeks before the people went round.

 "Unfortunately, if someone has somebody tied up in their house, or they've done something to Corrie, I wouldn't imagine they were about to tell the person standing at their door. So I would like that area forensically searched."

Urquhart also states that she has not yet viewed all of the CCTV footage, although what she has seen shows McKeague walking alone and eating fast food at 3.25 am on the morning of his disappearance.

Police have reportedly scoured woodland areas in the vicinity and searched a bin lorry, believing that his phone had ended up in rubbish.

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