Donation Prevents Dambusters Pilot From Having to Sell Medals
The last surviving Dambusters pilot is gifting his medals to the Auckland Museum of Transport and Technology.
In return businessman and politician Lord Ashcroft is donating £75,000 to the RAF Benevolent fund.
95-year-old veteran Les Munro was one of only two New Zealanders to take part in the historic raid.
He had been planning to auction off his medals to benefit the Bomber Command Memorial in London, but they'll now go directly to the museum.
The auctioneer has also decided to waive its fees on the condition that the museum donates a further £10,000 pounds to the RAF fund. 
The men of RAF Bomber Command suffered huge losses in the Second World War, with 45 out of every 100 airmen killed.
A permanent memorial to Bomber Command wasn’t built for 67 years due to the controversy of thousands of German civilians who died during the bombings of its cities.