An ex-serviceman, who has spent most of his life working with the armed forces in Germany, claims to own the country’s largest collection of Daleks.
Robin Joll’s memorabilia has already played a starring role in the first German Doctor Who conventions.
Since Doctor Who first aired in November 1963, there have been more than 800 episodes and twelve Doctors. Fans of the science fiction series call themselves 'Whovians'.
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Germany’s biggest Whovian Robin owns hundreds of the Doctor’s oldest villain, the Dalek. Some he bought, the life sized ones he made himself. He said:
“It was just started as a joke with one of my work colleagues. He said how many Daleks have I got, because I was collecting them anyway, and he said what’s the Guinness Book of Records?"
"So we looked on the internet and there’s a guy in UK called Rob Hull who’s got, at the time he had 571 so my colleague had a bet with me to see if I could beat it.”