Can You Spot The 12 Soldiers In The Jungle?

A picture of 12 soldiers hiding in the jungle has left people baffled, with many unable to spot any of them.

The British Army put the image of members of the Household Cavalry in Close Target Reconnaissance Training in Brunei on social media, leaving their followers perplexed.

Kiri Wood said:

"Well I can't see anyone! I'd be crap at hide and seek in the jungle."

Jacki Dingri thought she could see "possibly 2? But not sure they are even soldiers???"

John Charlton, meanwhile, said the helmets someone claimed to be able to see were toadstools.

Another follower thought there could be 14 members and Lisa Walker said:

"1! I found 1! Not sure it's even a person! I would be trampling all over them and not know it!!!"

The Army left people scratching their heads before revealing just where the soldiers were.

Can You Spot The 12 Soldiers In The Jungle?

The Household Cavalry, which is part of the Household Division, is one of the oldest and most senior regiments, dating back to 1660.

It consists of The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals, and is charged with protecting the Queen.

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Images courtesy: The British Army / Facebook