16 Air Assault Brigade's operational policing support unit have been welcomed further into the fold with a badge recognising their airborne history.

156 Provost Company soldiers are able to jump forward with air assault troops, providing policing support during those crucial first stages of an operation.

In recognition of this, they have been presented with a drop zone badge - a "DZ" - asserting a tie to the airborne forces that goes back more than 75 years.

RMP 16 Air Assault Brigade New Badge

For the occasion, soldiers from 1 Military Police Brigade have put on a display in Colchester, showing what is requested to be part of the Royal Military Police (RMP).

The demonstration focused on showing the diversity of troops within the brigade, from community policing to operational commitments.

In particular, technology is helping to revolutionize military policing, as it is for civilian police forces across the UK.

Cpl Daniel Prewitt, from the Service Police Crime Bureau, said that the new tools are particularly useful when the crime scene needs to be cleared quickly:

"We take expert witness reports or doctors' reports and we recreate injuries onto mannequins, so that it can be viewed easily instead of looking at photography."

RMP 16 Air Assault Brigade
A crime scene or incident can now be virtually reconstructed, helping the military police recreate a timeline, gather evidence and build a case for court. 

16 Air Assault Brigade is the Army's airborne rapid response formation, trained and equipped to deploy by parachute, helicopter and airlanding.

Based in Colchester, Essex, the Brigade Headquarters is formed from both Army and RAF personnel, enabling it to integrate air and land operations.